How I know the diamonds or the jewelery are real ?

The certified diamonds arrive in their box with their number of certificate declared at the order time , then given to the shipping company till the arrival to your hands 

How my payments are safe ?

We prefer to use Paypal system to add a third party guaranty on your purchases 

How the shipping is safe ?

We use only authorized carrier and all the shippings with value of more then 100eu are insured with the carrier that double check the product shipped 

Are those products sold by a company ?

Yes all products are sold by a registered and authorized company that has all the rights on Meir Sasson ( as brand ) 

Why the company is not promoted ?

In a way to keep the value of the brand just the logo of the company its exposed 

Why the company its younger then the website ?

The facebook page is older then the website that is older then the company because its a real project that started from a scratch so every step needed its time 

What pushed this business ? 

Every step was pushed and followed by a real emotion and a bunch of experts that was very boaring and Meir Sasson do not like boaring things ( and its not an invitation to make troubles )  , its not funny . The emotional part of this website and items are a telling story of something real that its the best insurence of quality and the best vector of the emotions you want to express throw those products . 

What make special those products compared to others ? 

Our customers , all the professional human been that work on it with passion and all the emotions that flow from it and to you 


All rights reserved by Meir Sasson 

Jewelry and Diamonds are all real and natural if not declared differently 

For the certified diamonds you will receive at order time the number of certificate that will be the same given to the shipping company and the same that you will receive with the diamond . If any difference you are invited to contact immediatly the company and to refuse the parcel . 

All the jewellerys and diamonds ( as all the other items in sale on the website ) are invoiced by a registered , authorized and legal company that promote Meir Sasson Trieste . 

The logo of the company is exposed in the website 

Paypal is the prefered payment system for retail sales so to add insurence to the buyer about the money spent and to receive the exact product that was ordered . For wholesale other payment system are applied by direct agreement 

The customer care service available it's not legally entitled to be expert in the product but an expert will be available to reply to all your specific question on appointement or by email . 

Special products artmade for specific and special customers under request are followed by different experts under the direct supervision of        Meir Sasson 

Ready made products are as from description .