About us....about me...Meir Sasson

Down in the page there is the first sentences I wrote about this page...its not true ( or not totally true ) it was never about me this website 

The idea to go back to the diamonds industry popped up a sunday morning in September or October ( maybe November ? ) 2019 making my breakfast in one of the most beautifull places of Trieste and sorrounded by amazing people and the sea . I will not make the service to the owner to advertise his place for free...Its tooked a lot of time to find out how to go back to this market in a different way mixing tradition and design in the mainwhile that feelings are flowing in all directions just to be expressed . Inspired...by a coffee?well...no...but for sure the espresso was and is an important partner of this project...dropped in a sea of feelings and emotions I had to wait till the the mask period starting by a first model that had just the 2 letters of a special person on it to pick up from the fur bussiness school the concept of the "lavorazione a trasporto" applied to jeans and leather and then developped in a full line that dressed in some special way that moment of the history for then jump in the jewellery and diamonds school and business with the same concept of mixing materials  .Somehow needed to find a logic in the way. The facebook page www.facebook.com/meirsassontrieste date 7th of April 2020. Inspired by real persons and events  makes the best of it without loosing this personal touch  . Why now in the end of 2022 all this biography ? because the promise to go back to this amazing world was respected , because this page its already in the 1st places of google , because already many countries was visited and much more models need to be produced . Amazing people on the way pushed to go ahead with amazing sentences that even if I remember all of them, it could be to long to rewrite them all...but I keep them with me . 

You expected the super professional life description of me in the normal and standard parameters...find it in Linkedin  ( direct link ) 

Lets date this page I tooked the time to write 22.11.2022 

Original sentence : 

Borned in Milan - Italy - the 2nd of March 1976 ,started this project the 18th of May 2020 developing it step by step 

Lived in Italy , France , Israel , China and then back to Italy in Trieste 

Let's Google index the page then I will think what to write...in the mainwhile discover me in what I do...MEIR SASSON TRIESTE